Things to Do in Guanacaste Costa Rica

Catch a fish. Make a sand sculpture. Try stand-up paddle boarding.The area of Guanacaste is a span of incredible tourist spots, crossed by wetlands and rivers, broken up by hills and volcanoes, and framed by gorgeous beaches and incredible coastal views. You may not know where to find all the amazing hikes and unforgettable sites.


Get insider help when hiking volcanoes and discovering private coastal areas. Get a unique perspective of Guancaste by flying through the forest on a zipline, or navigating old trails by horseback.

Sailing and Surfing

Enjoy the water from a chartered yacht in the morning, at sunset, or through the night. Catch a boat ride to all the best surf breaks, or learn how to surf by taking lessons. There are also float tours and rafting available for adventure-seekers.

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